#Open Source

#Open Source

"The power of Open Source is the power of the people. The people rule." ~ Philippe Kahn"


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Open source is a type of software in which anyone can use, modify, and share for free. It allows people from all around the world to come together and collaborate on projects that benefit society and make our lives better. Open-source software is often used to create websites, apps, and other digital products and services. This means that people don't have to pay for it, but they can use it to create their products and services. Open source software is everywhere, from the operating systems we use on our computers to the websites we visit on the internet. It has become an important part of our digital lives and is helping to create a better world.

So,there was some intro that what the"opensource" means or some basic defination for this. Let see what are some merits and demerits of this opensource are

Merits of Open Source:

Self-Hosting Options: As I’ve mentioned, you can host your open-source knowledge base software on your servers, which means you can be responsible for security and uptime. In contrast, SaaS knowledge bases are hosted by the software provider, so open source is a good choice if you want the reliability of your servers.

Collaborations: We can collaborate with others Open collaboration is any "system of innovation or production that relies on goal-oriented yet loosely coordinated participants who interact to create a product (or service) of economic value, which is made available to contributors and noncontributors alike. It is prominently observed in open-source software, but can also be found in many other instances, such as in Internet forums, mailing lists and online communities.